Category:Coppo Tiles
Description:Roofs that always live up to expectations.
There where weather conditions are difficult, Vardanega’s Altitude Bent Tiles find their perfect habitat. They are
designed to resist at the lowest temperatures and under the most unexpected and extreme weather conditions, while at
the same time maintaining the beauty of refined chromatic effects that are obtained by matching color shades. Elegance,
safety and resistance: with a 30-year guarantee.
Cold, wind and rain: nothing makes Altitude Bent Tiles’ performance better.
A careful selection of the clays making up the mixture and increased thickness guarantee the safety of
roofs that can successfully resist under the most extreme weather
conditions and the effects of time. It is for these reasons that, with
the available 6 versions to choose from, Altitude Bent Tiles are the
ideal solution for homes on the mountains or in areas that are subject
to particularly harsh climate.