About Us

Roofers FZC LLC is the leading company in UAE,  providing clients with quality construction services for the past 8years. We also expand our services by bringing in the best quality products from our own production line through our venerated factories to serve our clients even better.

We aspire and provide complete solution for roofing with clay and non-clay accessories designed and installed under our supervision.

The company has earned distinction from the internationally renowned consultants, architects and clients for our excellent workmanship, superior quality of material, sense of time and cost in our field.  

We also have the pride that we were part of the Palm Jumeirah construction which is declared as the 8 th wonder in the world and the only man made island visible from the moon. We are nominated by many companies not only in UAE but all around the world.

Our most valuable resource is our client. We invest our time and energy to give the best in the industry.