Timber Roof

Category:Timber Truss
Name:Timber Roof
Description:Timber Roof System: Cost Savings & Speed

By substituting a timber roof system for a sloping concrete roof, substantial savings of cost and time can be realized along with superior product performance.
The timber roof system replaces the conventional sloping RC roof commonly used on villa construction through out the UAE. The key components of the system include:
o Professional timber roof design:
o Design
o Structural engineering
o Shop drawings
o Material supply:
o Quality timber members
o Single specie, Southern Yellow Pine
o Pressure treated to .25 retention with a minimum of 10 year warranty
o 12mm OSB decking material
o LEED qualifying FSC available
o Quality fixings and hardware:
o Clip system for the OSB decking
o Galvanized nails and plates
o Galvanized anchoring to concrete structure
o Quality waterproofing and insulation:
o Self-adhesive rubberized membrane with superior elasticity
o Optional foil barrier reflects 97% of UV rays
The system is in compliance with the TRI/WSRCA’s system and all US state and federal building codes and with JAFZA.
o Substitution of RC roof for timber:
o Reduces by half the cost of the roof
o Doubles the speed the roof can be constructed
o Increases roof precision and performance by using straight and true structural timber in place of formed up concrete
o Reduces building material cost uncertainties